Friday, 17 July 2015

The Journey of a Vainpot

What happened if you woke up with pimples?

That's a question that most of us would ask and often we got so many answers that it is like no answer at all.

So, what happened?

Well, when I was younger, my skin isn't all that bad, breakout are not that often and it would just go away with some topical treatment.


Things get worst when I was studying in the lands of the turtle. The zits are popping out like mushroom and I can say that i did use my face as a bubble wrap - there are so much zits and white head that I was actually popping it all day long.

Well, you know what they say, never pop your zit or you will be getting tonnes of it. So, what did I do was, just like other people, go to the market and search for some product. (Damn , who doesn't wish to have supple flawless skin? )

While  apparently, I bought some product from shop T. Believing that tea tree can do wonders to my skin. I actually tried their cleanser, toner and moisturizer. So, what happened was, my skin isn't getting any better and I looked like a rotten tomato- A FREAKING ROTTEN TOMATO!

My skin was all red and bumpy and it's so horrible to look at even in the mirror.
Ok, it is not my selfie but this is just to show how bad I was.
Next, I tried brand N, a line of skin care formulated by one of the famous skin care guru in Asia. I can say that it helps in reducing the spots and pimples but not that effective if what you wish for is a fair and smooth skin. 

I did think that I'm too experimental at times. I mean, I am those guy who are always curious and always looking for weird and new things to try. Thinking that I'm almost acne free, I change the range of product to a whitening series.



The zits, pimples, white head, black head are all coming back again. So in desperation, I go for a session of facial ( a procedure of skin cleansing and it is not related to any tadpoles) by an agent of Brand A.

Okay, out of curiosity and desperation, I ordered their hydration range. With all those promises and testimony, I believed that I can finally regain my smooth skin.

But well, nothing seems to change. I did ask them as my pimples seems to be getting worst, but the reply is always about time and that their product is removing all those chemicals that had been accumulated due to the previous product that I used.

Okay, I believed you. And guess what? 

MY SKIN IS STILL RED and FULL OF ZITS but fr other that used it, their skin is just smooth and supple. 

It was so bad that they changed another new series of product. (Okay, it is money back guaranteed) According to them , the new product helps in oil control as it is specially formulated for men.

SO, I tried again, and hmm, it is still the same. 


And now, I decided to stop all those high class brand. It just don't work on me. I mean, it is working on everybody but not me.  So, the problem should be on me no? Anyway, I did try to ask the Brand A and I'm still waiting for their official respond. 

So, I decided to change it according to my own knowledge. I used Brand CTP Mild Cleanser, Brand H Peeling Lotion and Brand A Moisturizer( Yes, it is my money and I will use it until it's empty). So, far , it is working quite good, better from what I expect actually.   

Okay, this post is more of a rant than a confession, I just need some place to vent out my frustration with what I had. 

It is just my own experience and it might work on you, but certainly not me.

Saturday, 11 July 2015

2. A Timid REPORT

Uhh, emm..

The report for INTERN

Date: 29/06/15 to 19/09/15

Venue: A random factory in Kuala Lumpur.

Task: Everything from production (Packaging, Sealing, counting, sticking and etc) to RnD

Mood: Exciting to Boring.

Social Environment: Harmonious until the boss is here.

What you had learn so far:
Reality check, real life lesson

So, Internship is actually a part of my degree curriculum and it has a weight of 6 credit hours (effing great). It is now the second week in this cute company and so far, things are pretty much cool and cute. I am actually the oldest intern in that company and I AM ONLY 23. I AM EVEN OLDER THAN SOME OF THE STAFFS THERE.

Okay, I'm just whining.

The amount of things that I learnt in these two weeks were astounding. It is just... exciting. Okay, there is no hottie and what so ever but it is so excited that I could finally have a glimpse of the reality of industry in Malaysia.

It sorta give me some reality slap.

Some of my friends might know that I had always to want to be a pharmacists. But life certainly like to slap me and give me a ticket to the land of sea turtle for me to pursue my degree in chemistry.  During my intern, I had a a chance to interact with the intern pharmacists in the company. (What, pharmacy in industry?)

Oh yes, there is. From what I heard from them, it seems like dispensing in GH is not that easy, its not about the job, but the chance you have to involve in one. Most of them might just end up in local pharmacy or in local pharmaceutical industry.

Is it really what I want?

To be honest, my interest in pharmacy is always in the aspect of drug discovery, where I could find some possible active ingredients to be applicable in modern medicine and I have always have a thought of connecting TCM, and other ancient medical system with modern medicine , as in the way the unknown active ingredient, and their roles in the human body. Being in pharmacy, as I see from them, doesn't really bring me closer to my goal. Yes, they have some basic in traditional medicine but hmm, is it what I want?

Who knows chemistry is perhaps the best road for me?

We'll see,we'll see.

1. Why?

After a two years of hiatus, I decided to start all over again. A recent addition of new acquaintances on Facebook had indeed sparked my intention to write again.

First, for those who might not know, I used to write in Wanderer Memoirs for a quite number of years. I was such an emo beach back then. Okay, the pun is bad but I try to refrain to use swear word in my new blog. (Like seriously, dude, swearing is a stress relief. ) No, I will not be using them.

So, why would I closed my old blog? Well, it's due to some privacy reason. Some of my busy body uni mate was stalking me when I was typing my blog. And I kinda keep too much emotional rubbish and secrets in the blog. To prevent the collapse of my so call "social safe zone" and my sexual orientation (Kantoi!), I closed the blog abruptly. But you know what, in an odd series of events, the guy who accidentally stalked me turn out to be the first few that I came out to, of my true self. And I consider myself to be blessed (kinda, sprinkling angel dust!) to have such a uni mate.

And next, why is this blog here?

In the past, I sorta take blogging as a tool for my emotional turmoil (suicidal thoughts, depression and all those emo kid syndrome) and yes, it's a trend. So, some how, it just burnt out and it started to be a routine. But now, I sorta take it in a new perspective (stop your bombardment of jargon, duhhh) and i guess it would be nice if I use it as a platform to share, to cheer and yes, to have a garden of myself, where I could decorate it with my own colors.

You might be wondering, why would I named the blog as such. I'm not sure, but, I sorta feel like it is kinda chic (Bull faeces!) I mean, willow is always my favorite tree and dew is something that symbolizes a brand new start (Why not sunset?) and datura is just a random thought when I was thinking for a flower to end the title.

And so be it!