Friday, 17 July 2015

The Journey of a Vainpot

What happened if you woke up with pimples?

That's a question that most of us would ask and often we got so many answers that it is like no answer at all.

So, what happened?

Well, when I was younger, my skin isn't all that bad, breakout are not that often and it would just go away with some topical treatment.


Things get worst when I was studying in the lands of the turtle. The zits are popping out like mushroom and I can say that i did use my face as a bubble wrap - there are so much zits and white head that I was actually popping it all day long.

Well, you know what they say, never pop your zit or you will be getting tonnes of it. So, what did I do was, just like other people, go to the market and search for some product. (Damn , who doesn't wish to have supple flawless skin? )

While  apparently, I bought some product from shop T. Believing that tea tree can do wonders to my skin. I actually tried their cleanser, toner and moisturizer. So, what happened was, my skin isn't getting any better and I looked like a rotten tomato- A FREAKING ROTTEN TOMATO!

My skin was all red and bumpy and it's so horrible to look at even in the mirror.
Ok, it is not my selfie but this is just to show how bad I was.
Next, I tried brand N, a line of skin care formulated by one of the famous skin care guru in Asia. I can say that it helps in reducing the spots and pimples but not that effective if what you wish for is a fair and smooth skin. 

I did think that I'm too experimental at times. I mean, I am those guy who are always curious and always looking for weird and new things to try. Thinking that I'm almost acne free, I change the range of product to a whitening series.



The zits, pimples, white head, black head are all coming back again. So in desperation, I go for a session of facial ( a procedure of skin cleansing and it is not related to any tadpoles) by an agent of Brand A.

Okay, out of curiosity and desperation, I ordered their hydration range. With all those promises and testimony, I believed that I can finally regain my smooth skin.

But well, nothing seems to change. I did ask them as my pimples seems to be getting worst, but the reply is always about time and that their product is removing all those chemicals that had been accumulated due to the previous product that I used.

Okay, I believed you. And guess what? 

MY SKIN IS STILL RED and FULL OF ZITS but fr other that used it, their skin is just smooth and supple. 

It was so bad that they changed another new series of product. (Okay, it is money back guaranteed) According to them , the new product helps in oil control as it is specially formulated for men.

SO, I tried again, and hmm, it is still the same. 


And now, I decided to stop all those high class brand. It just don't work on me. I mean, it is working on everybody but not me.  So, the problem should be on me no? Anyway, I did try to ask the Brand A and I'm still waiting for their official respond. 

So, I decided to change it according to my own knowledge. I used Brand CTP Mild Cleanser, Brand H Peeling Lotion and Brand A Moisturizer( Yes, it is my money and I will use it until it's empty). So, far , it is working quite good, better from what I expect actually.   

Okay, this post is more of a rant than a confession, I just need some place to vent out my frustration with what I had. 

It is just my own experience and it might work on you, but certainly not me.


  1. you're beautiful just the way you're, those pimples or acne scars on your face won't matter, and it doesn't define who you're, so always remember that you're amazing no matter what : )

  2. A visit to a Dermatologist can help. Depending on the severity, they'll give you tablets or a cream to apply. Because some of these products work only on mild acne.

  3. have you tried tcm or ayurveda?

  4. hello, it's me, your hubby, can you start blogging back instead of just stalking our stories on my blog :p